We would like to:

1. work along an ethics of permaculture, integrating earthcare, peoplecare and fair shares into even the smallest of our action and our considerations of future actions;

2. use ecological garden methods;

3. ensure that anyone feels included in the group at all times, by explaining them why and how things are done, and inviting them to ask questions whenever there is need for clarification;

4. work on the assumption that there are no stupid questions and that everyone is in a personal learning process;

5. be as transparent as possible in our communication practices, wish for grievances to be expressed in a respectful, open manner, and conflicts resolved in a similar fashion;

6. use the logbook, message board and googlegroup to document the progress of our community garden;

7. make collective decisions on issues which are likely to affect the entire garden or community;

8. work on the assumption that if the garden’s not fun, it’s not sustainable;

9. contribute our time to general site maintenance and share what we can with the community garden group;

10. understand that participation is at our own individual risk that the community garden group cannot be held accountable for any injury, damage or loss that occurs in connection with use of the garden by one of its group members or guests.


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