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At the end of October 2013 the informal transition town Luxembourg group founded an association (a.s.b.l.).

Sharing the idea of interlinking the transition movements, some of the founding members are people from CELL (Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg) and Transition Minett.

As soon as it was officially registered as an a.s.b.l., Transition Town Luxembourg signed a contract with the city of Luxembourg for a new garden plot in the Pétrusse valley. The plot is an abandoned field situated right next to the ‘community garden’ we had been working on as a group for over two years. The reason we cannot use this plot anymore is that the city of Luxembourg now plans to use it for their own ‘community garden’ project which is organized differently and has a different set of underlying principles than our transition community garden.

Transition town Luxembourg aims to create resilience and autonomy in our lives and in our society. The community garden project is in line with the objectives of the transition movement to reduce the impact of peak oil, increase resilience to climate change, remedy economic instability and build community in a participative way.

To celebrate, we had a first potluck event in the garden, where we also ripped out bramble roots. Freed from its spikes, the soil is now cosily mulched. While winter temperatures are putting garden life to sleep, we met up in our headquarter at 10b, rue de Bourgogne in Beggen to vision and design the coming seasons of our Community Garden!

We plan a social and kid’s space, a hut with water catchment on roof, compost, experiments with raised beds, a keylock bed, huegelbed, mushroom space, experimenting with guilds under our walnut tree. We need and call for wood (palettes), wood logs, undulated plastic!

The community garden is not the only project the association intends to develop. Therefore we will organise an open space in january 2014 to collect and reflect on new ideas that hopefully will be implemented as good resolutions of the new year ;-).

If you are interested in participating or want to find out more about Transition Town Luxembourg, please contact