What does the transition movement mean to me?
I was recycling every packaging I had used, taking the public transportation, doing everything to decrease my eco-impact and become a perfect green citizen. But in the meantime, I realized that no decisions had been taken on a higher level to solve the climatic problem, just to let it worsening and my actions seemed worthless.

To join the Transition Town movement was for me a way to join a worldwide movement and not be alone anymore facing the same problems. Transition Town is a movement based on the optimism we are finding solutions all together in a growing speed and this cannot be reversed. Transition Town empowers everyone in their actions, to regain an independence from a system that divides people to push them to be totally dependent consumer. Transition Town maximizes happiness and well-being through non-consumptive means—sharing work, getting knowledge to be able to survive without anything external.

For me Transition Town is based on shared knowledge, solidarity. It allows me to be in contact with other people coming from all the layers of the society and from all the countries of the world who are looking for solutions to the same problems and who wants to be independent from a system who isolated people from each others to drawn them to be docile consumers building for an identification through all the things they buy.

Transition Town is about who you are. Transition Town is also happening at the right time, when the organization of the society is throwing out a lot of people who in their despair look for solutions into political parties which in the previous century showed to which atrocities they can give away.


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