Monthly Archives: May 2012

Why do I participate in the transition garden?
Gardening has been an important part of my personal motivation to do something positive for and on this planet rather than just talk about it all the time.

Gardening fulfills many functions for me : it allows me to grow my own vegetable and become less dependent on agro-industrial food production, which causes huge damage to the ecosystems. It allows me to be in close contact with nature and animals. It opens up a magical world, full of discoveries and wonder, which has a very positive effect on my mental balance and my well-being.

Doing the garden as a community project is a revelation too as it makes me realise that communal projects have a different power to working individually, just for yourself. They reactivate what I think is an almost genetical need to be part of a group of people who have a similar motivation to live a more harmless life.

What does the transition movement mean to me?
The worldwide transition movement seems a perfect vehicle to do this as it encourages concrete action rather than theory, respects everyone, encourages inclusive participation and provides a credible and down-to-earth alternative to a materialistic way of life that is clearly not sustainable. Transition to a system that doesn’t overuse and destroy the earth’s beauty and resources is a necessity that can’t be avoided. We might as well start now.


Why do I participate in the community garden ?
I participate in the community garden because it is great fun and I learn a lot. I really enjoy socialising and meeting people I would never know if the community garden did not exist.

What does the transition movement mean to me?
For me, transition is the re-creation of local resilient communities. It empowers me to take responsibility in my own hands and actively engage in supporting my local community.

Pourquoi je participe au projet de jardin communautaire ?
Après de multiples réunions et soirées d’information avec CELL, avec d’autres personnes, j’avais envie de devenir concret. Ce « Transition – Gaart » est notre premier projet. Le jardin est un lieu convivial de rencontre, de partage, d’échanges, un vrai outil de lien social. Le jardin communautaire est ainsi une réelle et belle activité sociale qui me permet de côtoyer des gens nouveaux partageant le même intérêt : changer de mode de vie. Avancer ensemble !

Pourquoi le mouvement de la Transition ?
Notre défi est  d’inventer une société sur de nouvelles bases, un nouveau mode de fonctionner ensemble à l’échelle locale. Ce qui me passionne surtout dans le mouvement de la Transition, c’est la dynamique ludique et positive de changement. Être créatif, construire et expérimenter les solutions pour avancer ensemble.