Spring is here

The gardening season is entering into another gear. In the central garden space, we built two half-circular raised-bed structures in the garden’s centre using stones from the building site next to the garden. The structure creates a central focal point; breaks up the existing linear paths; and adds a new look to the garden. The stones are almost certainly from the lovely house that was demolished – so it’s nice to re-use them. In the future we need to built a 3rd identical structure to finish space; cover the soil inside the structures with mulching material.

We started two raised beds at the lower end of the main garden space. We lined out two paths, took out the soil and started filling the beds with organic material. We added two large tree trunks which we got from the boy scouts after asking them. We need to add manure, compost inside and sheet mulch on top of the beds.

Some metal/glass greenhouse windows have been unused for years. They are somewhat broken but after checking them, we decided some of them can be fixed/reconstructed and used as a “greenhouse” by laying them onto one of the walls on the banks. The idea is to grow plant seedlings on location. We need to finish re-constructing the windows and prepare soil with manure.

We started thinking about paths through the garden. The idea is to deconstruct the linear horizontal layout by adding serpentine/horizontal paths. The paths’ function is to facilitate movement through the garden without walking on and through planted parts; and transform the rigorous horizontal symmetry. We need to finalise the path design and actually “make” the paths by taking away a but of soil and marking out the paths with whatever organic materials we can find (branches, stones, etc…)


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